Your Paintball Games ...

We'll kit you out for two hours of urban warfare!!


Game 1 : Capture the Flag


This will be a new version that can be run on both fields. There will be several flags set up. (3 is a good amount for this size) they are all clearly visible hanging in the center of the field and separated from each other. They are not fixed. each team starts at opposite ends and the objective is to collect all 3 flags. The first team to do this in the given time wins.


Suggest a 10 min time allowance, and lives can be as seen fit by the ref. recommend 2/3 lives to be out, but back to the start each time hit. The teams must get all 3 flags back to a set point in the starting area, if a player is shot holding the flag, he must drop it where it is and leave. As long as the players are still in game, the flag may be passed or thrown.


Variations :

  • Can be changed by saying the person with the flag cannot shoot. While holding it.
  • Can also win by taking one of the flags and running it into the enemy’s base.



Game 2 : Team Elimination kamikaze

The rules to this will be the same as standard team elimination. The objective is for one team to wipe out all players in the other, within the given time. The major difference is that players may start anywhere on the map they like, Including inside the opposition start zone. At the start of the game the ref will give 1 minute to pick a spot, before the game begins.  Once the whistle blows, players can start shooting but they have to be careful that they are actually shooting the opposition. This makes for a very fast paced, “paint heavy” extreme game. Players have to weigh up the risk of being separated from his team or surrounded by the opposition for the sake of gaining a superior position behind enemy lines.

  • 10 min time per game.
  • Each time a player is hit they return to the team side. Until they get hit 3 times. Allowing one team to push the other into a corner.



Game 3 - (Insert organizers / birthday boy or girl name)’s last stand.

This will be a new game type for this field. The concept is that one team will chose any spot on the field to defend and will place a flag or nominate one bunker to be the objective. That team must hold that position and deny the enemy access to the objective but they cannot be further than 10 meters away from it. The defending team will get 1 min to choose the spot and prepare. Then the opposing team will be allowed on to the field and have to touch or reach the objective safely within the given time. If the defenders can hold the objective for the time, they are the winners.


To even up the odds, the attacking team will have three lives but have to go back to the start each time they are hit. The defending team will only have two lives but have to touch the objective each time they are hit. If the objective is a flag or item smaller than a bunker, the defending team is not allowed to hide or move it mid game. It must be clearly visible

  • 10 min time per game.



Game 4 - Fly your flag

Similar to capture the flag, however the flag pole will have two flags on it, one on each side of the pulley. To win, a team must raise their flag and defend it for 3/ 2 minutes. The flag can be brought down by the other team and changed to their flag, then the timer starts again and they must hold it. The first team to hold their flag for the complete time is the winner. 3 shots to get out, player reset after each shot.

  • 10 min time per game.



Game 5 - The Fort

 The defending team will start inside in the fort, with either a flag or a bomb, the attacking team will have to retrieve this item and bring it the opposite end of the field. The attacking team (trying to take the flag/bomb) will have 3 lives while the defending team will only have 1, if a player is killed on the defending team they must leave the field, while if an attacking team member must return to spawn point.

  • 10 min time per game.



Game 6 - Free For All

This is the end-of-day game. The will finish off any unused paint and allow the more gun-ho players to really get some good scores. There are no teams, or sides. At the beginning of the game everyone gets 20 seconds to pick a bunker to start from. Then on the whistle blow the game begins. There are no lives or penalties, a player is only out once they have run out of paint. (this is the best time to get trophy bruises!)