Kids Paintball : 8 + Years

Introducing the most popular new birthday party adventure for kids that is taking the world by storm. Kids Paintball is suitable for kids as young as 8 yrs of age.

Airsoft Games : 11 + Years

Airsoft allows players to mimic a war type scenario shooting each other with plastic pellets. Games are fun and high energy and are bound to be a big hit for a party!!

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Paintball : 16 + Years is the perfect location an older teenagers party!! Action packed adventure that will keep this occupied for three hours and thrilled before during and after combat!!


For the younger kids

We have something to suit everyone!!


8 - 12 Years : Kids Paintball

Kids paintball is a variation of paintball that uses smaller paintballs that fire at lower speeds than full paintball. It has been designed for kids and gives them the paintball experience without the fear of injury. The kids paintball guns fire colour filled ammo at low velocity but is just as much fun for the younger Paintballers! ... See KIDS PAINTBALL packages




11 Years + : Airsoft


Airsoft is a combat tag along a similar vein to paintball, except that the projectiles leave no actual mark upon impact. Airsoft devices or replicas are 1:1 scale models of real world firearms and players will often also invest in a similar BDU (Battle Dress Uniform) to the armies which use their chosen replica style ie: M4 with an American style BDU, AK-series with Russian, G36 with German.


Airsoft devices fire a 6mm spherical plastic pellet which weights 0.2grams typically and is commonly referred to as a “BB”. As mentioned, this BB does not leave a mark on impact with the target, hence the sport operates on an honor basis. That is to say, that when you are shot you raise your arm in the air, shout “HIT!”, and proceed to follow the directions for getting hit as determined by the game scenario and set out in the brief given at the start of the game.


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16 Years + - Paintball


Paintball is suitable for 16 years +