Your Paintball Schedule On the Day ...

We try and get you as much time on the grid as possible!!


If your booking time is 3pm for example. Total Time : 3 Hours


Prep time 30 min

  • Insurance waivers

  • Gear on

  • Ref’s briefing

  • Valuables stored

First Game Time 1 Hour

  • Team elimination Kamikaze – 10 min a side

  • Players Last Stand – 10 min a side

  • Medics/VIP – 10 min a side

Tea Break 15 min

  • Guns on the racks or on the bench inside

  • Players move inside, drinks, snacks, tea coffee etc.

  • Refs re-fill gas and wipe down guns, prep field for next game.

  • Players also have the chance to buy more paint.

  • Group Photo

Second Game Time 1 Hour

  • Fly your Flag – 10 min a side

  • The Fort – 10 min a side

  • Free for all/ players choice– 10 min a side

Pack Down 15 min

  • Gear return

  • Refs clean gear

  • Refs see off customers

  • Collecting tags

All game types are interchangeable on the day with the ref. however the playing times are not.







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